Underground Gigs and Karaoke

Stephen: Something that readers who are unfamiliar with Scottish people may not realise, is that there is a general rule: No matter where you are in the world, you can probably find somebody that you know from back home. This trip was no exception, as one of Al’s friends from Glasgow (Kuv) happened to be living… Continue reading Underground Gigs and Karaoke

Back to Tokyo for the Final Leg.

Stephen: After our time in Osaka came to an end, we had just under a week left in Japan, and were going to spend it back in Tokyo. For this part of the journey, we were staying in an area of the city called Ikebukuro, which is a wee bit north of Shinjuku. We had ‘splashed… Continue reading Back to Tokyo for the Final Leg.

Kyoto Part  Two – Monkeying Around in Arashiyama

Stephen: On our second and final full day in Kyoto, we headed out to the outskirts of the city, to a place called Arashiyama. Kyoto was the first place on the whole trip where we had become acutely aware of the fact that we are foreigners, feeling more like sightseers than anything else, which wasn’t… Continue reading Kyoto Part  Two – Monkeying Around in Arashiyama

Kyoto – Part One

Stephen: We left the bustling metropolis of Tokyo behind us, clattering away at some ridiculous speed on the Shinkansen bullet train. It was remarkably comfortable, and got us all the way to Kyoto in just a shade over two hours. Getting the tickets had been a breeze too, with help from the friendly staff at the… Continue reading Kyoto – Part One

Health and Sports Day – aka the day Al got sick

Stephen: This was our last full day in Tokyo, and one which saw us divide the threesome. It was a national public holiday to commemorate the Olympic games being held in the 60s – ‘National Health and Sports Day’, and ironically, Al didn’t feel too great, so decided to have a rest to try and… Continue reading Health and Sports Day – aka the day Al got sick